Graphic Designer

Bath, UK

A bit about me

Hello, I am James, a graphic designer who specialises in branding and digital product design for startups. After starting out my career at a large agency in London, I decided 5 years ago to leave London, move to the beautiful town of Bradford-on-Avon, near Bath and setup shop on my own. Since then I have worked for clients all over the world, on a broad array of projects requiring skills in design, strategy, web & mobile development and much more.

I strongly believe in designing with purpose and with the intent of solving problems. My approach to design is research-based, systematic and practical — I aim to build brands that will last and products that are as functional as they are beautiful. I aim to help companies carve out their space in the marketplace through building an effective, unique and consistent brand. A large part of bringing a brand to life is often through digital mediums such as websites and apps that require development and with both experience in development (HTML5, CSS, PHP, JS, React, React Native) and in managing and working with teams of developers, I have the abilities to take a brand all the way to the finish line.

Currently, I am working as Design Director at Riff, helping create a brand that breaks the monotony of social media norms and a product that brings people closer together through voice & video chat with music. Riff is a complex product with complex issues and through research, strategy and design I strive to reduce any and all friction between the platform and its users.

Now for a promise — there will be a new website here very soon (famous last words), containing all my latest work so please as they say ‘watch this space’ for updates. For now though, feel free to get in touch by email at