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Paul Rand


Uniting foodies from all over the world

Forq is a food-sharing app for food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. Over the past 4 years, we have developed a brilliant working relationship and I have designed several iterations of the iPhone & iPad app, as well as their website. I've also had the fantastic opportunity to rebrand the company, creating an exciting visual identity, brand aesthetic & brand manifesto to aid them in gaining investment and help with their marketing. My work with Forq continues as the company develops and as acting creative lead, it is exciting to see where we can take the app in the future.

The big brand idea is all about making "Forq" synonymous with "love". Food can be fun, messy & even difficult at times. But what all Forq users share in common is their love for food.

The visual identity — Making "Forq" synonymous with "love".

Stationery — How the brand identity and aesthetic works across different mediums.

Bringing the brand purpose to life through photography

iPhone UI&UX— Screenshots from the sign up process that teach you about the app and help customise the app to your likes & dislikes

iPad UI — Screenshot of a recipe and its ease of use whilst cooking

iPhone UI & UX - Screenshots from the new, streamlined upload process

Next — Nom

Making dining out, easy for everybody.

  • Branding & Identity — App Design


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